Pork Silverside

Pork Silverside is lean meat with a generous fat cover for ample crackling it real is a perfect roasting special

Pork Lucerto

Pork Lucerto aka the “round eye”, is a boneless cut of meat that looks like tenderloin and although it is tastier, it is rather tough and requires slow and moist heat when cooking it.

Pork Loin Ribs

Back ribs a.k.a. loin back ribs. Connected to the backbone, nestled beneath the loin muscle, are the most tender and leanest ribs. A typical full slab has 11 to 13 bones. The slab is tapered at one end, with the shortest bones only about 3″ and the longest about 6″. They are usually curved like a hockey stick at the end where they meet the spine. Depending on how the butcher removes the loin meat that is on the humped side of the bones.

Pork Topside

Pork topside roast is the topside which is a primal derived from the leg set. It is best cut into steaks and pan fried or char grilled, or cooked whole as a mini roast.

Belly Pork Plait

The Belly Pork Plait is a simple but stunning pork product for slow roasting, grilling or BBQ. A great original way to prepare pork belly, that looks superb on the plate, and tastes amazing, juicy and tender.

Pork Rump

Pork Rump is the name for a cut of pork that comes from the upper part of the shoulder from the front leg and may contain the blade bone