The beginning 

In the year 1950, the late Vincent Zahra built his first pig breeding farm in Zebbug.

As time passed by the farm grew bigger and his son Philip, with the help of his nephew William Farrugia, continued to manage the meat company.

The Product

On our meat farm, beef cattle and pigs are bred and fattened, so that we are able to produce fresh local beef and pork to the local market and retail outlets.

The Factory

In the year 2017, we opened a factory so that the meat products could be processed. Adding to this enterprise is the importation of beef, lamb and chicken. All the above products can now be found in our new shop called Farm Meat Market, which is situated at Buskett Road limits off Zebbug, next to our meat farm where everyone is welcome to visit and shop at our new establishment.

1st generation

2nd generation

3rd generation