Our Products

Farm Meat Market ensures that only high quality meat products are sold on our premises. With the customer experience being our main priority, we strive to provide genuine products that our clients can enjoy. We are also proud to distribute our products to other butchers, restaurants, and leading hotels and caterers around the Maltese Islands.

Being our speciality, we are truly proud of the pork produced at our farm. To name a few, Farm Meat Market produces processed meat products such as Sandwich Ham, Gammon, Smoked Ham, Arrosto, Bacon, Salami, Minced Meat, Burgers, Stuffed Meat, Bragioli, Breakfast Sausages, Frankfurters and Meat Balls.

Although we specialise in pork, other meat products are available, including Beef, Rabbit, Chicken, Veal and Lamb.

Product List


We love our pork. We are proud to offer an extensive range of genuine products that are great for any occasion, be it your traditional Sunday lunch, summer barbecues and other special events.


You’ll also be spoiled for choice with our wide range of succulent beef cuts.


Our poultry range includes whole chickens, as well as other parts such as thighs, wings and breast.


Planning a traditional Fenkata? Say no more. We’ve got you covered!


At Farm Meat Market, you’ll also find a great selection of veal cuts.


From lamb shanks, loins, legs, boneless shoulder, fillet and more, we’ve got everything you may need to make the perfect roast.